We were approached by design agency Signal Noise to work on a financial explainer video called Evidence Lab for UBS. 

The brief was to realise and add to their existing storyboard and produce an Explainer Film. 

Although the brief was simple the process was complex. But, with a range of tools to hand it was going to be a hard but creatively fulfilling project.

With all great projects the key to success is research and development. This took a pivotal role in developing the look of the film. Weasel Creative invests lots of time into R&D in our personal work. This often pays off with our clients referencing particular pieces of work. R&D helped establish art direction, lighting and early versions of the ripple simulation.

The next step was rendering. We used RedShift on this project for its reliability on heavy production jobs. We split the film into sections to make the project more manageable.

Once the storyboard was completed it was time to get into the nuts and bolts of producing the film. We used Cinema 4D’s strong Mograph tools, X-particles and Houdini for all the animations and simulations. Cinema 4D also offers some great Camera tools. These were invaluable on this project as the camera work was particularly challenging. We had to find adaptable strategies to get some of the storyboard elements to work. In particular we used Splines and Extrude Objects as much as possible. Along with Boolens when a Spline based workflow didn't make sense or wasn't possible. We also took advantage of the Cloner mograph tool as much as possible using effectors to drive objects. This kept all the key frames manageable.

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