We were approached by friend and fellow Motion Designer, Jim Greenslade & Technology Creative Agency APRIL 6. The brief was to model and texture a laptop visualisation for ASUS.

Normally, this project would have been filmed but with the pandemic in full swing many agencies have had to turn to CGI as a solution.

The challenge was to model two of their laptops; the Zephyrus G15 and Lenovo Yoga. Understandably, companies can be protective about CAD data and technical drawings so we had to work from photographic references. This posed a few problems: the focal length of the lens can visually distort the image, also the quality of the photography can have a big impact on the accuracy of the model. 

Moving images representing focal length

We had some top-quality photography but we had a few unknowns in terms of dimensions. With a bit of detective work we found the missing dimensions from previous models and used Photoshop to un-distort the images matching the dimensions to create a guide to follow.

We then jumped into Cinema 4D using its powerful modelling tools. Once we had some tidy subdivision modelling complete, it was time to move onto texturing.

We used Octane as it really shines when it comes to photo-realistic product visualisation and speed. We like to work procedurally at the texturing stage because it allows us to iterate and develop photorealistic results quickly. Once complete it was time to send it for approval. We had one set of amends removing some of the current branding and the job was complete!

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